DIY SEO For Sunshine Coast Small Business


SEO is simply about getting a higher ranking for your website, which means more traffic and more enquiries and more sales. Getting the basics right is often the most cost-effective and best value marketing you can do.

DIY SEO For Sunshine Coast Small Business2022-05-09T01:51:20+00:00

Sunshine Coast Tourism Marketing


Tourism marketing on the Sunshine Coast, or in any prime travel destination is the perfect meeting point between my passions of travel and online marketing

Sunshine Coast Tourism Marketing2022-03-06T22:49:57+00:00

SEO Copywriting Services Explained


SEO copywriting services are about creating wording for your website that appeals to both search engines and the people who will read your site.

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I, Copywriter


What type of copywriting do you do? As a child I imagined I'd write story books but my writing career has taken another turn. Although I've written and self-published a book about blogging and have two other non-fiction books in progress, my true focus today is web copywriting, a form of writing that didn't exist when I was a child.

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Internet Marketing Case Study: Removalists


After over 30 years in business and with a new owner the Noosa Van Lines removalists website was ready for rebranding, updating and optimising.

Internet Marketing Case Study: Removalists2021-09-20T03:05:51+00:00

Blogging Tips A-Z: B for Branding


Consistency is the key to strong branding online. Professional designers create a branded identity for businesses with precise guidelines on fonts, colors and logo use. If you don't have

Blogging Tips A-Z: B for Branding2022-04-11T23:31:34+00:00

Getting Started Guidelines


A good website will help you save time by answering any questions a prospective customer may have. What more do you need to know?

Getting Started Guidelines2022-03-02T22:50:15+00:00

3 Best Business Blogging Tips


When the Australia Businesswoman's Network invited me to share my blogging tips with them I jumped to it. I'm mad keen to help other business owners tap into the power of blogging

3 Best Business Blogging Tips2021-09-20T03:06:42+00:00
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