Congratulations to all those businesses who’ve been awarded a Small Business Digital Grant by the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games (DTESB) this month. We helped several clients with the application process at the end of 2016 and are thrilled that several of our clients have been approved.

What are the grants?

With matched funding of up to $10,000, this grant is a real game changer for dynamic small businesses who want to grow their business and tap into the power of digital marketing. We’re looking forward to helping the successful applicants over the coming months and will share the results here once the projects are completed.

The clients who’ve been approved will be benefiting from a range of services including:

What’s next for the successful applicants who’ve been awarded a grant?

We will be meeting with you as soon as possible to plan the scope of the project and work out a developmental timeline taking into account time required for you to give feedback and for us to make sure the project is completed prior to deadline.

With several clients to work with and a 12 week deadline, strong project management by us and immediate feedback from clients will be vital. With these elements in place the projects will easily be completed well before the deadline so you can start reaping the benefits of your new internet marketing strategy as soon as possible.

Was your application unsuccessful?

If your application was not approved and you believe you’re a good candidate for this grant, don’t give up! Ideal candidates are businesses with fewer than 20 employees who want to grow their business and hire more staff. If that sounds like you and your business was not approved we recommend you:

  • Email the DTESB to ask them why you were not approved and suggestions on how to improve your application.
  • Reapply when new applications rounds open – these are currently scheduled for March and June 2017.
  • Be persistent – if you think you’re an ideal candidate for this grant you probably are. It’s just a quesetion of reworking your application to better show that and that’s something we’ll be happy to help you with.

Would you like to apply?

Get in touch now and we’ll be happy to work out a proposal for you or notify you when applications reopen. That way you won’t miss out on this opportunity.

To find out more about the grant see our previous Small Business Digital Grant post or contact Rich today by email or by phone on 0468 422 693.