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Please note: Round 7 has now closed – contact us to be notified when the next round opens.

Grants for Small Businesses in Queensland: 10 Things You Should Know.

digital-marketing-grants-for-small-businesses-in-queensland-300x225If you’re considering creating or updating your digital marketing there’s never been a better time.  Small businesses can apply for a grant for matched funding (of up to $10,000) from the Queensland Government.

Which means if you want to invest $4,000 in online marketing for your small business, then you can actually invest $8,000, with half paid for by the Queensland Government.

We’ve helped numerous businesses successfully apply for this grant. If you’d like specific advice or tips on how to secure a grant for your business email

Round 7 has closed.

The first round of applications opened in 2016 and several of our clients were successful in getting funding. We helped them apply and have successfully helped several other business owners since then. We’d love to help you too. To find out more contact us now. In the meantime here’s everything you need to know.

1. What is the Small Business Digital Grants Program?

The new Small Business Digital Grants Program from the Queensland Government has been created to help small businesses pay for hardware, software and digital marketing services including training.

2. How much money is available?

Matched funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) will be provided to each successful small business applicant.

3. What marketing do I have to do to get a grant?

Your small business must show that the technology or service purchased and adopted will enhance the capabilities of your business to help you be more competitive and employ more staff.

4. What marketing services can I use the grant for?

The government information doesn’t cover that in detail but it could be anything that helps grow your business including website design or updates, online stores, social media campaigns, web or blog content.

As long as the technology or service falls under one of these five areas:

  • Digital marketing and social media (including Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Content (web pages, mobile apps, media etc.)
  • Receiving payments or selling online
  • Specialised technology or software (business specific)
  • Planning and advice or training.

5. How can I use it to pay for training?

We offer training in:

  • Creating a digital campaign;
  • Updating WordPress website;
  • Updating online stores, adding and removing products;
  • Blog updates;
  • Blog content creation;
  • Creating email campaigns;
  • Creating social media campaigns;
  • Social media.

Up to 20% of your co-contribution amount can be used for training in new technologies. If you need more information on this please email me.

6. Is my business eligible?

All Queensland-based small businesses can apply, as long as they can show that the digital technology or service purchased will enhance their capabilities and make them more competitive.

To be eligible your business must:

  • have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant;
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST;
  • have Queensland headquarters;
  • have a turnover of $2 million or less in the last financial year;
  • not be insolvent or have owners or directors that are an undischarged bankrupt.

12 months after completion of the project your business must take part in a survey and provide a project report detailing how the funds were spent and the impact it has had on your business.

Each business can only apply once per year.

The business must be in a financial position to pay for the approved product/s and or service/s in full, before being reimbursed for the grant amount.

7. If my application is successful when will I get the government contribution?

Payment will be made directly to your business on completion of the project with proof of payment for the product or service. The value of the grant payment will be increased to compensate for any GST.

8. Is there a deadline?

Round 7 of grant applications closes on 10 December 2019.

9. How do I apply?

If you wish to apply we recommend you ask us for a proposal well before that date to make sure you meet the deadline.

You can lodge an application online at

Your application must contain all the information specified in the application form and should be submitted online.

If you cannot submit an application online, email your details to and you will be contacted about other options.

You may only lodge one application at a time. Successful applicants may not re-apply. Unsuccessful applicants will be able to submit a new application in subsequent rounds of the program.

Get the full details here.

10. What do I need to include with the application?

Your application must include:

  • a detailed quote for the technology or service for which you are seeking funding;
  • a clear outline of how the digital technology or service will enhance the digital capabilities of the business and make the business more competitive;
  • detail of the impact the technology or service will have on the business, for example, revenue growth, cost savings, time savings, employment outcomes;
  • a declaration of employee headcount;
  • confirmation and breakdown of your matched financial contribution.

If you will be using a consultant to deliver a service, a project proposal and quote from the consultant must be submitted with your application, and include:

  • the services the consultant will provide, including a break-up of key activities;
  • delivery timeframes;
  • consultant /service delivery costs;
  • names of the key people who will undertake the project work.

Can we help get your application started?

Already many people of our clients have asked us to create a proposal for them which meets the criteria outlined above, so they can put in an application for this grant. Remember the deadline is 8 October.

We can write a proposal for most internet marketing activities including:

  • WordPress website design or updates;
  • Online stores;
  • Search engine optimisation;
  • Web content or blog post writing;
  • Training;
  • Google Adwords;
  • Local search.

Would your business benefit from this opportunity?

Remember applications close on 10 December and we recommend you contact us today to get the ball rolling and get your application completed in time.


Website:  Small Business Digital Grants Program

Full details in PDF format

Apply here: Online application form

Request a proposal to complete your application

Please get in touch asap if you’d like a proposal from us to use in your application for the digital marketing grant. It may take up to three working days for us to assess your needs, create a marketing strategy and write a proposal that will give your business the best ROI.

We offer this service free of charge to existing clients while new clients can access this service for $99, which we’ll refund if your application is successful and you hire Mucho to complete your digital marketing project and training.

Contact Annabel or Rich at Mucho by email now or call us on 0468 422 693.

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