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There’s no point having a great website if nobody can find it, and SEO is the single most cost-effective action you can take to increase traffic and get new customers. We’ve been getting great search results for our clients since before Google! Call Rich on 07 5447 3187 to get started today.

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Prerequisites for a good Google ranking

Your website won’t rank well with Google unless it’s well designed, mobile-friendly, fast to load and free from technical issues. Most importantly, the site content must be unique, well written, and relevant to your customers.

Online reviews are great for your company’s reputation and can improve clickthrough on search, which in turn improves ranking. The quality of your site (images, content, design, ease of use, responsiveness) increase “dwell time” which improves your ranking.

Google’s site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find “high-quality” sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content. To see what Google is looking for to identify a high-quality website, read this article by Amit Singhal on Google’s webmaster blog.

Our expertise in web design and copywriting in addition to technical SEO ensure that your site will have what it takes to get to the top.

Read Google’s Guide to Hiring an SEO Expert

See Google’s guide here  >>

The video on Google’s guide has sound advice to help you choose a company that:

  • Improves your search engine ranking rather than harming it;
  • Creates and implements a strategy that leads to  long-term improvements;
  • Uses best practices for website optimisation;
  • Understands that SEO is just the beginning – your site also needs to deliver what it promises and convert those leads into customers.

Our SEO services include the following:

  • Identification of key phrases: We’ll analyse your target audience and identify the actual keywords used for your products and services.
  • Competitive Analysis: We’ll assess the competitiveness of your target phrases and develop a strategy accordingly.
  • Obstacles to high search engine ranking: We’ll identify any hidden obstacles and remove them. Some common problems include poor copy, slow websites, use of illegal spamming techniques, and invalid code.
  • Site structure and code changes: We’ll make changes to meta-tags, style sheets, link architecture and title-tags, as well as the actual HTML code and structure of your website. We may design specific landing pages to target certain keywords and phrases.
  • Review marketing and schema markup.
  • Copy: To improve their search engine ranking, most websites will need at least some changes to the copy. We’ll make minor copy changes (with your approval), and we can work with you to optimise the copy of your entire site.
  • Linking strategy: We’ll advise you how external links to your site can impact positively on your search engine ranking, and work with you to develop a linking strategy if necessary.
  • Monthly Reports: Monthly progress reports including search ranking changes and other key metrics.
  • Conversion: Not strictly SEO, but once you have attracted traffic to your website it’s important to convert that traffic to leads and sales. We will make sure your website is optimised for conversions.

We’re based in Noosa but get great results for our customers around Australia and overseas. We can arrange for you to speak to them if you like.

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