Online Marketing

Just having a website isn’t enough. Your website should go out to work for you and generate new leads. If it is well designed and user-friendly but still isn’t getting the results you hoped for, we can help you work on getting more traffic and increasing conversion rates.

If you raise the profile of your website on search engines you’ll definitely get more visitors which should gain you new customers. That’s why your website needs to be easy to find.

Google Adwords

It’s our excellent understanding of SEO and website design that gives us the edge when it comes to online marketing. When we started designing websites in 1996 (before Google even existed!), online marketing was a fairly simple process that involved including the right meta-tags and submitting the site to the search engines.

In the years we’ve been marketing websites, the number of search engines and their methods for ranking websites have changed many times. Nowadays most search traffic comes through from Google, so that’s where we concentrate most of our efforts. In general though, if you rank well with Google you should do well with other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing.

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