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Although I’m a highly qualified and experienced web copywriter, my rates are reasonable because I work from home with low overheads. Big advertising agencies charge out at astronomical rates because they have high overheads and have to pay their copywriters fulltime, even when they aren’t working on a client project.

As a freelance web copywriter, you only pay me when I’m working for you.

I help small and medium-sized businesses benefit from top web and email copywriting while sticking to their marketing budget.

Web copywriting rates and charges vary hugely, from AU$25 to $250 per hour. My copywriting costs can start from as little as $125 per page which represents excellent value for money for my clients.

Copywriting Services - Costs
As a general rule, skilled web copy writers who can write copy that sells charge a higher rate but they write faster and their writing is  more effective.

I offer excellent longterm value because of my combined expertise and experience in web writing, marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion.

No Minimum Charge

I tend to get booked up by regular clients but, if I have time, there’s no minimum copywriting charge. So if you’d like to sample my copywriting by requesting that I write only a sales email, one page of your website or an email newsletter, you can.

The cost will depend on how much research time, if any, is needed but I’ll quote before hand so you’ll know the exact cost.

Get a Free Quote for Web Copywriting

Just send me an email telling me what you want me to write, who will read it and what your aims are and I can give you a fixed costing for the job.  I always give a fixed quote before starting work on a project and will stick to your budget.

For on-going jobs such as ghost blogging or writing online articles, I offer a 10% discount. If you use Mucho for your website design as well as your web copywriting you’ll also benefit from 10% discount on my usual rate.

If you prefer to use your regular website designers or search engine optimisation experts I’m happy to work with them too.

I can charge out per web page, for a whole website, for a sales email or by the number of words written. Most clients prefer a fixed rate for the whole job.

I look forward to finding our more about your business and how I can help with your Internet marketing and Web copy writing needs.

Typical Cost of Web Copywriting for a New Website

Copywriting rates start from AU$125 for writing 400-700 words of web copy. So a typical website with 8 pages of information may cost from about $1,000. For email newsletters the rate starts from $125.

What Does the Cost Include?

My fixed costing will include:

  • Initial briefing by phone, email, Skype or face to face if your’re near Noosa or on the Sunshine Coast;
  • Additional research if needed;
  • Client discovery if needed;
  • Writing and submission of the first draft;
  • Further discussion;
  • Evaluation and integration of up to two sets of revisions, although one revision is usually enough;
  • Submission of final draft.

My Web Copywriting Quality Guarantee

I’ll work with you until the copy is to your liking. I suggest starting with one page and working on it until the copy is perfect for you. Then I know the tone and style you’re after and can write the rest of the copy based on that.

I want you to be totally happy with the work I do for you. If you see something you’re not happy with, just mention it to me and I’ll try to alter it to your liking.

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