After over 30 years in business and with a new owner, the Noosa Van Lines removalists website was ready for strategic internet marketing including rebranding, updating and optimising.

To best help our clients get and maintain a leading edge over their competitors we can’t give away all our Internet marketing secrets but here’s an overview of our web marketing strategy and execution.

To keep things simple we’ll cover only major Internet marketing or web design problems and the solutions we put in place. You’ll notice that most of the problems aren’t unique to Noosa Van Lines or even to removalists. Most of our clients with established businesses and who’ve had a website for over a year tend to have the same problems.

Businesses change and best practice Internet marketing guidelines change so if you think your Internet marketing strategy or website may be due for a small update or complete overhaul you’re probably right.

About Noosa Van Lines

Noosa Van Lines is a medium-sized business based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland but servicing most of Australia with interstate removals, with strong business from Sydney and Melbourne.

With a fleet of 12 vehicles, a team of 16 professionals, a bevvy of awards and thousands of happy customers they strive to maintain high standards and provide their clients with the best possible service.

Internet Marketing Case Study

Problems #1 – Web Content

As a company grows and evolves the information on the website often grows organically too. Over time web content can become confusing, hard to find and inconsistent in tone and style.

Web Content Solutions

Our content strategist and copywriter Annabel Candy reviewed the entire website structure, navigation system and content then suggested changes to improve it. Working closely with the business manager a new website navigation system was developed. Annabel then wrote the content for all sections.

The main aim of improving the navigation system and content was to make the message clear and consistent and include calls to action to increase business inquiries and quote requests. In addition, the reworked navigation system and content were also created with a view to improving search engine optimization where possible. 

Problem #2 – Website Design

Every brand dates over time and the website had started to look old-fashioned and uninspiring. The tired looking website created a poor first impression and was certainly not in keeping with the modern, efficient and professional service provided. It was also not mobile friendly even though around 30% of Internet use is performed on a mobile phone or tablet device.

internet marketing removalists old nvl site

The old Noosa Van Lines website was no longer a good representation of the brand.

Website Design Solutions

New branding was created and the website look and feel was updated in keeping with the new branding, making sure the webcolourss match the branded colours of the company vans, brochures and business cards as closely as possible.

internet marketing removalists new nvl site

The shiny new website

As well as creating a great first impression and a more  modern feel the new site was designed to improve legibility, create instant trust and engage visitors immediately.

Problem #3 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

No matter how much traffic you succeed in getting from the search engines every smart business owner wants a bigger piece of the pie. 

SEO Solutions

‘Removalists’ is one of the most searched for business services in Australia so naturally we wanted to capitalise on that to gain more business for Noosa Van Lines.

The site already ranked well for some keywords and phrases so during the update process we took care to maintain that position. This is a key part of the process when updating an existing website and a step which is often over-looked by inexperienced web designers with devastaing results from business owners whose new website suddenly sees a sharp drop in search engine traffic. 

As well as being careful to maintain existing results our SEO specialist Rich Candy also researched new search engine ranking opportunities for other relevant and valuable keywords or phrases. With the research in place he then worked out a strategy for each individual page on the website.

Additional Internet Marketing Solutions

Google Local Marketing – Because of recent changes in Google’s search engine ranking algorithms Gooogle Local Marketing often offers the best opportunity for a local business to be found on the search engines. We revised and updated the Noosa Van Lines Google My Business page along with their citations to capture as much local search engine traffic as possible.

Google AdwordsIn addition to SEO Google Adwords is often a great way for a business to get more people to visit their website and increase business fast. Even for a competitive keyword like “removalist” Google Adwords campaign is still a great strategy for Noosa Van Lines. We optimised their Google Adwords campaign and continually monitor and manage it for them. 

Reputation Marketing – Five star online reviews are a great way to improve a business search engine ranking and also build instant trust that persuades clients to get in touch. With great testimonials from clients but no online reputation marketing in place we set up a simple reputation marketing system for Noosa Van Lines to increase feedback and get more online reviews. In the long term this reputation marketing strategy should have a major positive impact on search engine ranking and create an upturn in business because great online reviews provide instant proof that Noosa Van Lines is reputable and guaranteed to provide a great service.

Interested in learning how your removalist company can get a leading edge on your competitors? Contact us now for a free report on your existing Internet marketing strategy along with recommendations on how your web marketing strategy or website design can be improved to boost your business.