I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. It’s a stunning area that depends on tourism for the well-being of its economy and community. But right now, with the global recession dragging on and the Australian dollar strong, Sunshine Coast tourism is suffering.

I’d love to boost tourism here through blogging and social media marketing. Tourism marketing excites me because it’s the perfect meeting point between my twin passions of travel and online marketing.

A few weeks ago I went to a tourism industry event for local business leaders about how to increase tourism to the Sunshine Coast and I’ve created this short video to share my ideas.

The video outlines the benefits of blogging for Sunshine Coast tourism marketing and explains how blog marketing can increase tourism to the Sunshine Coast.

Of course, blog marketing can be used to boost most businesses and industries anywhere in the world so, even if you’re not involved in tourism or not based in Australia, these ideas will still be relevant and should still inspire you.

My Sunshine Coast Tourism Marketing Dream

My dream is to help 1,000 other Sunshine Coast, Queensland or Australian bloggers to grow their blogs to 10,000 readers each month so between us we’d have 10 million monthly readers.

Blogging is a sustainable, cost-effective and powerful marketing tool which allows tourism business owners to take charge of their own marketing and leverage a powerful marketing tool.

It’s a big dream but it’s really possible if I can inspire, inform, mentor and support other bloggers.

Individually those bloggers and business owners will each be building a sustainable marketing tool for their own businesses and as a group they’d be a tourism marketing powerhouse.

My Tourism Marketing Background

I have an MA in Design for Interactive Media and 16 years experience in the field. I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 and own a small web design company called Mucho which specialises in setting up effective websites and blogs for small businesses.

I’ve worked with Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Destination Limited as well as many small local businesses.

Here are three example of websites and blogs we’ve designed for tourism operators on the Sunshine Coast and overseas:

Noosa Dream Boats

Charlie Babault Safaris

Responsible Tourism Tanzania

For more information on tourism marketing, social media marketing, blog design or web copywriting for tourism operators on the Sunshine Coast or in any other prime tourism destination please contact Annabel.

Together we can take Sunshine Coast tourism marketing to the next level.

Photo: Taken at Coolum looking north to Noosa National Park.