Site Updates

Is your website failing to bring in as much business as it should? One of the reasons we set up our own  company in 1998 was because there were so many poorly designed sites that failed to market small businesses to their best advantage. And although the Internet is now a more important marketing tool than ever, there are still a lot of bad sites around. The Internet gives small and medium sized businesses the chance to compete on an equal footing with much larger companies, but often this advantage isn’t exploited.

For many people, your website will be their first contact with your company. This is your chance to establish your brand as a force to be reckoned with, even if it’s a small home-based business.

Mucho  will give your business the boost it needs because:

  • We will put you on a level footing with much larger businesses;
  • We design sites that will keep you ahead of the competition for at least five years;
  • We are affordable.

Most sites  need updating approximately every five years due to the ever-changing nature of technology and the Internet. For example, in the last five years, screen size, resolution, and  colour depth have improved; bandwidths have increased, and new technologies have become available.

If you’re not sure what needs updating on your website, just contact us and we’ll tell you how it can be improved. The five most commonly needed upgrades are:

1. Visual Interface    

Just as people need new clothes, regular haircuts and a fitness regime to keep them looking their best, most websites need a facelift once in a while to make sure they look fresh, professional and up to date. As a simple example, sites can now be much wider and photos larger than they were five years ago but, because mobile phones and tablets are so popular now, you need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly as well.

2. Navigation   

If you’ve added sections to your website or removed them since it was first set up, we may need to tidy up the navigation  so that people can find the information they need fast.

3. The Coding or Software  

If newer versions of WordPress, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS or any other technology used on your original site has been released and it offers advantages in in terms of security, functionality or download times we will upgrade your site. We are able to alter a site so that you can update it yourself if needed.

4. Adding a Blog

Blogging is becoming more popular and providing a cost effective way for small and medium sized businesses to establish themselves as experts in their field and attract targeted visitors. We can add a blog within the framework of your existing site, and give you tips and tricks on  adding new content. If required, we can also ghost write your blog.

5. Copy

If your wording  is dull, confusing, too long, too short or designed for print rather than for reading online, people won’t read it. Often rewriting copy so it’s stylish, persuasive and fast to read is a quick job and an easy way to get people to stick around and find out more.

Working With Mucho

When you talk to us about  updating your website we’ll give you a detailed written proposal outlining the work we recommend with a fixed quotation. If we need to change the way it looks you will approve the visuals before we start coding. We’re so sure that you’ll like our work that if you’re not happy with the finished product we’ll change it until you are.

Please contact us now for more information. We have many happy clients who are happy to recommend our expertise, professionalism, and service and we look forward to helping you too.