New clients frequently contact us for the first time to ask about our SEO copywriting services. In case you’re wondering, SEO stands for search engine optimisation which is an Internet marketing service aimed at improving your search engine ranking for specific keywords and phrases.

SEO copywriting services are about creating wording for your website that appeals to both search engines and the people who will read your site. Great copywriting should help your website rank higher in the search engines to attract more visitors to your website AND convert those new visitors into paying customers. So you get twice as much value from your  investment.

Sounds good?

But before we take on any client for there is one crucial element to consider:

Is your website ready to get more traffic?

If your website is badly designed, not responsive or looks outdated there’s no point in hiring us for SEO.

Before you spend money on our services we recommend that you improve your website design (if necessary) to ensure it meets Google’s recommendations because Google does penalise some websites, for example if they are slow to download or aren’t mobile friendly.

We also need to make sure that your website creates a great first impression because we could send you thousands of targeted people to your website but if the site looks bad they won’t stick around to read the copy, and they certainly won’t buy your products or contact you. If your website looks bad people will look for somewhere else to take their business.

If your website is ready  we’ll work out a proposal and costing for your entire site, certain existing pages or any new landing pages you wish to create.

What are SEO copywriting services all about?

There are a few key stages when we take on a  job:

1. Free client consultation by phone, email, Skype or face to face if your’re near Noosa or on the Sunshine Coast;

2. Review and assess your website and current SEO.

3. Decide which combination of services will be the best way for you to improve your search engine ranking.

4. Create proposal with fixed costing.

5. Perform keyword analysis using both free tools such as the Google Keyword finder and paid intelligence tools such as Majestic.

5. Decide what keywords or phrases to target on which pages.

6. Client discovery and research to learn about your target audience, unique selling points and industry competition.

7. Write and submit the first draft of one or two pages to the client to ensure the copy meets expectations.

8. Get feedback from client, further discussion and revisions as needed.

9. Write the rest of the copy regularly evaluating new pages and integrating any suggested revisions.

10. Submission of final copy.

If we’re also taking care of your web design we’ll integrate the new copy into the website and make sure the page set up, navigation structure and site design are all optimised for SEO.

If you’re working with another web design agency or advertising agency you can hand the updated copy on to them for incorporation in your website.

Confused about the best way to market your business online?

To get informed advice or for help with your digital marketing strategy get in touch. Team Mucho look forward to helping you take your business to the next level.