10 Things We consider When We Design Your Website

No matter what size your business, Mucho will design and develop a website to market, advertise or sell your products anywhere around the world. The secret to our success lies in first developing a clear strategy for new sites, then following it through with meticulous planning.

We’ve got the key areas of effective design covered:

  1. The main aims of your site
  2. Your target audience
  3. Your branding
  4. Graphic design – the principles of good interactive design
    We understand the importance of white space, typography, colour palettes on the web, screen size and resolution, grouping elements. We consider what information will be instantly visible to visitors and what information they’ll need to scroll down to see.
  5. Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  6. Usability
  7. Ease of update
  8. Technical constraints For example user screen resolution, browser choice and bandwidth
  9. Legibility and readability
  10. Logical and consistent layout and navigation

Clear strategy

We’ll develop a strategy and provide a tailor-made solution to achieve your goals. We’ll define the concept, analyse the topic and study the target audience and competition. Once we’re fully prepared we can go on to design an effective online presence for you.

Many web design companies have a technical background but are unable to fully understand the principles of good design, or cater to business needs. We are uniquely qualified and experienced in integrating copy and images to create a cohesive website that’s easy to navigate and understand. We work hard to understand the needs of your business and then create practical, integrated solutions.

We are driven by usability and functionality, not by technology. So, if the latest innovations don’t add value to your requirements, we won’t use them. But of course, if you could benefit from having a more interactive website or one which combines sound, animation and video, then we can do that too! Careful planning

We’ll conduct a needs analysis and suggest how your needs can be best interpreted on the web.

Our prime concerns are ease-of-use and speed. When we’ve got a clear understanding of the job we’ll write a detailed proposal with a fixed costing.

Clear and careful planning are the keys to success in any detailed project. That’s why we storyboard all our websites not once, but twice. First on paper to give an overview and then in more detail online to allow everyone involved to actually experience how the site will work. Storyboarding is a vital process that helps to:

  •  eliminate errors;
  •  anticipate problems;
  •  ensure ease-of-use;
  •  avoid loose ends;
  •  allow all team members to input ideas;
  •  reduce user testing.

And of course, throughout the development process, we’ll manage the project professionally, so that it is produced within budget and on time.

On-going maintenance

When your site is live we can provide site administration and updates.

We recommend that websites are kept current and up-to-date. This will keep regular visitors interested and should get new visitors to come back again. Many of our clients ask us to update sections such as news, future events, customer comments, competitions and special offers for them. We can even write or edit your online and email newsletters so that the copy makes good reading and the style is consistent.

Regular updates like these can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. Even sites of a fairly static nature may need to have a few changes made now and then when information about people, menus, services or products changes. Many of our clients prefer to be able to update their sites in-house and we offer content management packages that allow updates to be made quickly and easily with no experience needed!

To find out more please see the wide range of our projects and give us a ring or email us now.

We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to talk about your needs and concerns. Bear in mind that there’s no charge for talking to us, or for us to write a detailed proposal and costing for you. So, don’t miss out on some good, honest, professional advice. We look forward to helping you.