When the Australia Businesswoman’s Network invited me to share my blogging tips with them I jumped to it. I’m mad keen to help other business owners tap into the power of blogging so this was a great opportunity to share my blogging tips and speak to the lovely Australian Businesswomen’s Network chicks Cat Matson and Suzi Dafnis.

It’s an audio interview and you can listen to the whole thing on podcast here.

Blogging is a great way to establish your expertise if you’re a new business owner and get a foot in the market place. Blogging for business can help you:

1. Find new leads and convert them into clients.

2. Retain clients and get repeat business.

3. Get noticed by the print press or other media.

4. Improve your search engine ranking.

Here’s an overview of some of the tips we covered.

1. You can still blog well even if you think you’re “no good at writing”

You have to be passionate about your topic so if you’re just getting into blogging because you feel you should that probably won’t work well for you.

Blogging won’t get results in the short term you have to stick with it long term and you shouldn’t expect to see any results for the first six to twelve months.

But if that sounds like something that you’d be up for then I don’t see poor writing skills as being a deal breaker.

First blog writing skills are learnt. By writing a blog regularly your writing will improve.

Secondly the most popular blog posts tend to be how tos or blog posts teaching something. Numbered lists are hugely popular and these types of post such as 10 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills will always go down well and, assuming you know your topic, are easy to write.

Alternatively podcasting which is an audio blog post or video blog posts (vlogging) are popular too. If you don’t like writing you may find that some of your clients don’t like reading and would prefer to listen to you while they get on with other things or watch you on video.

Blogging does not have to be text based.

2. Comment on other blogs thoughtfully

Leaving links to your own blog posts in comments on other people’s blogs can break not forge relationships. It doesn’t come across well if you’re always pushing and promoting your own stuff in comments, especially with strangers who don’t know or trust you yet.

Commenting can be a great way to network by getting on other blogger’s radar and showing you’re a team player but I’d keep the comments useful and relevant.

Don’t add links to your own blog post but do share your own stories, experiences and add your own tips. This opens the conversation and if people find it interesting they will want to hop over to your blog to read more of your tips and find out more about you.

3. Social media apps save time

I’m not that tech savvy. Everyone assumes that because I’ve been working in Internet design for 16 years and have two blogs I’ll be this super geek. Sadly that’s not the case at all. I am just getting to grips with sending text messages on my husband’s mobile phone. Seriously!

But you don’t have to be a geek to succeed in social media. Anyone can do it if they set their mind to it.

Still I have managed to get to grips with a few social media apps. I love Hootsuite for Twitter but my favorite for time-saving, ease of use and usefulness, because I speak with people all over the world, is Easy Clock on the Chrome web browser.

You can set it up with clocks in the Paris, New York, Los Angeles or wherever your clients are then just whizz the bar along to change the time and find one what will work for both of you.

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