Since we first started building websites in 1995 we’ve used content management systems like Mambo, Drupal, and later Joomla,  but it wasn’t long before we realised that WordPress was a far better option. Since then WordPress has continued to improve, becoming an excellent solution for  any site that will be updated regularly as well as for e-commerce sites and of course blogs. Wordpress now powers 17% (and rising!) of the Internet.

Today we use WordPress for most of the sites we design. We love and recommend WordPress because it’s easy to use and you’ll be able to update the main areas of it yourself. We will give you documentation so that you can learn how to update your WordPress site or, if needed, give you and your team training at your home or office if you live on the Sunshine Coast or by Skype if you live further afield or overseas.

WordPress is a great solution for business, because it’s easy to use but it’s also powerful enough to host blogs for mega sites like CNN, Reuters, and Ebay. . In fact, you can do anything in WordPress, from setting up an online store with secure sales  to hosting a private membership only area or forum.

5 More Reasons We Recommend WordPress

1. WordPress has hundreds of plug-ins – Plug-ins are extras which upgrade your blog to create enhanced functionality and ease of use. For example, there are plug-ins to allow you to add Twitter or Facebook share buttons to your site or to create a blog editorial calendar. Many plug-ins are only available for WordPress so there’s a good chance if you want to do something that a plug-in will make it easy.

2. It’s flexible – WordPress can do whatever you want it to do so you’ll never need to change your content management system again.

3. WordPress is great for websites, not just blogs –   WordPress is an excellent content management system which will allow you to update every page of your site  yourself.

4. WordPress is free – Yes, you read that right.

5. WordPress has a huge choice of themes – there are literally thousands of themes to choose from and we can point you to the much smaller number that are any good. The benefit of using a good theme as the starting point of your design is that it will save us a lot of development time, and save you a lot of dollars!

To find out if WordPress is the best solution for your website, give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss updates, themes, plug-ins or anything else that you’d like to know more about.