Are you still nervous about social media? Not sure what to say, where to go or who to talk to? Constantly wondering if you’re doing the right thing but not actually doing much at all?

Remember even the social media experts didn’t know anything about social media just a few short years ago. No one did because social media didn’t exist.

Social media super star Chris Brogan just wrote a book about Google+ even though Google+ only launched a few months ago. He’s smart but so are you. If he can go from having never used Google+ to writing a book about it in such a short time then you can pick up social media fast too by trying it, learning as you go along and sticking with it until you feel confident.

These are my social media tips for new users in 19 words:

  1. Choose a smiley avatar.
  2. Be the best you can be.
  3. Engage and be engaged.
  4. Keep at it.
  5. Have fun.

That’s it! Now go and spend some time on social media.

If you like, you can even start by sharing this post using the handy buttons below. You might feel a bit nervous to begin with but soon social media will be as easy as licking a stamp, waving at someone or sending an email.

If you’re not sure what to say just say hi and if you’re feeling nervous just be you – that’s what will really interest people and make you stand out from the crowd.

What worries you about social media or what do you love most about it?