5 Reasons You Need a New Blog

Why would a busy woman with one profitable, location independent business, one blog, three children  and one husband set up another blog?

You probably know my first blog Get In the Hot Spot, so when I told one fellow blogger that I’d started a new blog here he was surprised and asked:

“Why? Wasn’t the other one working?”

The short answer is that it was working too well and, by popular demand, I could no longer focus on writing travel stories there.

Steps to Successful Blogging

I started helping people with blogging because so many people wanted to know how I’d:

  • grown my blog;
  • built a dynamic community of engaged readers;
  • been wooed by Coca-Cola for VIP trips to Sydney and Shanghai (business class, darling!);
  • grown my business and got new clients all over Australia as well as in the USA and the UK;
  • had my writing published on some of the biggest blogs in the world and been voted best of Copyblogger 2010.

But in the end blogging became the central focus at Get In the Hot Spot. It took over from travel so I’m delighted to have a dedicated place to share my blogging tips here so I can focus on travel writing there.

5 Reasons You Need a New Blog

1.Your blogging goals have changed

I started blogging to learn about blogging and practice my writing. It was an experiment but, having built my readership at Get In the Hot Spot up to 80,000 people in 2010 and 23,000 unique visitors in March 2011, I’ve achieved those two main goals.

Because I now know what a powerful marketing tool blogging is I want to help other people tap into the power of blogging.

I hope you’ll benefit from my 16 years experience of web design and web copywriting and avoid the many mistakes I made when I started blogging.

But I still want Get In the Hot Spot to be a place for me to play and experiment with the focus firmly on travel, writing and lifestyle adventures.

2. Your readers have changed

Originally I wrote for people who wanted to move overseas and then for people who wanted to live their dream. Finally, because so many people asked blogging advice, I started writing about blogging.

So my ideal reader changed from someone who wanted to move overseas, to a small business owner or writer who wanted to start, or grow and improve, their blog.

There is some overlap between the two groups of readers but the first rule of blogging is to focus on your readers and it was hard to do that with two separate groups of  readers.

3. Your readers want specialized information

Blogging isn’t about you, it’s about your readers and people need a dedicated place to get the specialized information they want.

While the vast majority of posts at Get In the Hot Spot came to be about blogging the topics list still included unrelated subjects like travel, personal development and even smile.

It was confusing.

By starting a blog here at Successful Blogging where I was already selling my blogging ebook it’s now immediately clear to existing and new readers what information they’ll find here.

4. You want to help more people

If you really want to help more people you have to focus on those people very carefully. A tight focus is better than a wide focus.

With two separate groups of readers at one blog I couldn’t do that.

If you want to help more people you have to write about less. Not write less, but write more on the one topic your readers need help with most.

For me that’s blogging tips, inspiration and motivation here – with travel stories and writing tips in their own place at Get In the Hot Spot.

5. You think you need another blog

If you think you need a new blog you probably do. I knew I did about a year before actually setting up a new blog and even consulted my favourite blogging experts for advice about blogging niches.

Follow your instincts. You know you, your readers and your business best.

I wasn’t ready to make the big change back then but now the time is right.

Finally, I have two dedicated blogs to write about my two separate passions of blogging and travel without trying to cram them both into one place.

It feels great.

What’s the Plan for Successful Blogging?

As usual I have heaps of grand plans but, like you, I’m time poor so I’m going to focus on giving you short, clear, easy to implement blogging tips on a weekly basis. I’d love to make blog updates twice a week but once a week is more realistic.

I hope to add some two minute blogging tips on video to give you a short, sharp shot of blogging inspiration and motivation whenever you need it.

I’m excited to have you here and am looking forward to having an blog official launch in May with a free webinar. I’ll be having a competition or giveaway of my book Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps and free one on one blogging consultations.

I’m also planning a series on revamping and revitalising your blog. I haven’t come up with a sexy series name yet but again my aim is clear – simple tips to help you tweak your existing blog and take it from ho hum to hot hot hot.

Thank you for being here. I’m Annabel Candy and it’s great to have you on the Mucho team. If you need personal advice about digital marketing or strategy for your business or blog contact us now.

Photo credit: Wierd Beard