It was an honor to be invited to speak about blogging by Sunshine Coast Destination Limited. The focus of was blogging as a powerful marketing tool for small business owners in general, and tourism operators in particular.

How fabulous to see so many people interested in blogging with over 80 people packing the large Yaroomba room at the Coolum Hyatt.

Rather than just talking at people I wanted to make this an interactive workshop where business owners could get to know each other, come up with creative content for their blogs and have fun.

Happily they were an engaged, dynamic group who got stuck into the creative blogging activities, came up with excellent ideas for making their blogs reader-focused and asked great questions.

Most people who attended were small business owners (the people I most want to help) but there were also representatives from big businesses like Underwater World –  a diverse group who showed a real team spirit.

This was a 12o minute talk and workshop and while the slides don’t cover everything I spoke about they’ll give you incentives to get blogging and tips on how to get started.

After the talk there was a real buzz of excitement with many people coming up to thank me or ask more questions.

Blogging Workshop speaker Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

Blogging Slideshow

If you don’t have time to watch the whole slideshow don’t miss slides 16, 23, 24 and 59. I’ll write more about them in detail another time but the slides will give you an idea why I’m so keen to help more people tap into the power of blogging.

The three main reasons I recommend blogging for small business marketing are:

  • blogging is cost-effective;
  • it’s sustainable;
  • it’s empowering.

And in case you’re wondering, those people in their togs with the fish on slide 4 are my mum and dad on their honeymoon. I hope to tell you the story about how they got into my blogging talk one day soon.

Blogging Workshop speaker Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

More Blogging Workshops on the Sunshine Coast and Elsewhere

I’m excited about doing more of these workshops and am particularly keen to help more small business owners and tourism operators as well as real estate agents and writers tap into the power of blogging. If you know a group who are open to blogging I’d love to speak to them too.

I plan to create a video presentation so those of you who can’t make it to a workshop can also hear me speak. I’d love to take my blogging workshops on a tour of Australia, the US, Canada and the whole world sometime. Who knows where it will all end? But please enjoy the slides in the meantime.

Font too small? Click view on Slideshare then choose full screen.

Thank You

A huge thank you to Brad Harrison, Digital Marketing Manager at Sunshine Coast Destination Limited for organising the event, the Coolum Hyatt for hosting us, Andrej Kadacik for taking these fabulous photos, Hari Kotrotsios for her invaluable advice and Teresa Long for her cameo appearance as my ideal reader>

Special thanks everyone who attended the blogging workshop for being so interested in blogging and making the event fun for all of us.

Last but never least thank you to all my amazing readers at Get In the Hot Spot and now here who’ve carried me along on this amazing blogging journey. It’s been quite a trip so far and I’m can’t wait to see what exciting adventures it leads us on next.

Here’s to our blogging happily ever after.

Blogging Workshop speaker Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

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