Do you get fed up visiting blogs where you can’t work out what to click or how to find the information you need? Maybe you even like the blog, have read a few posts and want to subscribe but can’t work out how.

When designing your site or writing your blogging needs for a blog designer user-friendly blog design is key.

Your readers have one simple need: to find the information they’re looking for fast.

Having a user-friendly site is essential. Too many choices are bewildering because people don’t know where to start. If they’re confused they won’t bother, they’ll look for another blog or website where they can find that information faster.

1.Keep it simple

You have five seconds (or less) to tell people know that they’re in the right place. Make sure your name, slogan, topics and all key page names reinforce that they’ve come to the right place.

2. Make sure your site loads fast

Your blog designer should have this in hand but many don’t and if your blog is slow to load people won’t wait to see what you have to offer and Google will penalise you, making your blog’s search engine ranking lower.

3. Pay attention to typography

Make sure the fonts are user-friendly, screen friendly and legible.

4. Create a mobile friendly options

People who are increasingly reading blogs on smart phones so you need to provide a blog version that’s easy to read on a mobile phone.

5. Cut down the options.

The more options you offer people the harder they will find it to decide where to click and the more chance they will give up.

6. Consider your ideal reader

What do they want to know? How can you let them find that information fast?

7. Use white space wisely

White space or empty spots on the screen where your readers can rest their eyes are essential. If the entire screen is cover in text and images readers will be over-whelmed.

8. Make subscribing easy

Getting email subscribers is key so make it simple and user-friendly with as few clicks and data to enter as possible.

9. Respect your readers

Floating subscribe boxes that pop up automatically after you’ve been on a blog a certain amount of time interfere with the reading process. They usually pop up far too soon so if they’re an option you want to consider as they may increase subscription rates leave at least five minutes to allow you readers time to appreciate what your blog has to offer them.

What are your recommendations for user-friendly blog design?

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