Are you a life long learner? Blogging offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about your business, online marketing and much more.

So many small business owners and creative types are put off blogging because of the steep learning curve. It’s true there’s a lot to learn and that there are always new things to be learnt but you should see that as an advantage not a disadvantage of blogging. No one wants to be a dinosaur.

You shouldn’t get discouraged by how much you don’t know about blogging but rather think about how much you do know already.

We all have to start somewhere with anything and just starting a blog is the best way to increase your knowledge about the topic.

Since I started blogging about three years ago I’ve learned so much, not just about blogging but also about my business, about social media marketing and about online communications. All topics I knew a lot about already because I’ve been running my own web design business for 13 years.

Then there are are all the things that I didn’t really want to learn but had to. Like how to work the back end of WordPress (it’s not hard), how to use widgets and what plug-ins will help me blog better and faster (Akismet for handling blog comments and the blog editorial calendar are life savers).

These are just a few of the things I’ve learnt from blogging:

1. Blogging is a highly cost-effective and effective way to market your business.

2. If you dare to share your creative work and your passion online amazing opportunities will come to you because of that.

3. Your personality and personal story will make people want to work with you more than your qualifications and work experience.

4. Networking is easy with social media.

5. It pays (literally) to experiment and have fun with your business.

6. Blogging can enable you to add more products and services to your business, to diversify and to increase your income.

7. Blogging improves your mind, makes you more creative and increases your bottom line.

Hopefully reading this will inspire you to start blogging, stick with it and achieve your goals.

But first take a moment to congratulate yourself for being a life long learner. Not everyone keeps building their knowledge and bettering themselves. You are and it’s great to have you on our team.

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