Do you ever feel bamboozled by all the technical jargon involved with blogging? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

We all had to start somewhere and we all start knowing very little. So here’s a mini overview of blogging jargon to get you started although it doesn’t include my favourite blog jargon – blawg – which is a blog about law.

Akismet – A useful plug-in which catches spam comments.

Blog – Stands for Web Log.

Guest Posting – Writing a blog post for someone else’s blog without getting paid.

Link love – Linking to another blog without being paid or asked to.

Lurker – A blog reader who never comments.

RSS Feed – A way of following a blog and finding out when it’s been updated. Stands for Really Simple Syndication.

RSS Aggregator – A service that automatically checks RSS feeds for new items so you can keep track of changes to multiple blogs in in  one place.

Permalink – The website address for each of your blog posts which someone can use to link to your post and which Google will refer to when ranking your blog. or example:

Podcast – An audio recording of a blog post or a blog post which is only available as an audio file. Learn more in the podcasting guide.

Susbscribers – These are your most loyal readers. The people who sign up for your email updates or register for your RSS feed are your subscribers. Nurture and cherish them.

Themes – Templates which govern the lay out of your blog. I recommend free theme 2010 or the premium theme Thesis.

Trackback – A protocol that allows a blogger to link to posts on other blogs and pings (emails) the other blogger to let them know. Blogging software that supports trackback includes a trackback URL (website address) so each post displays other blog posts that have linked to it, usually above or below the comments.

Troll – Someone who leaves mean comments on blogs.

Vlogging – Video blogging where you create video blog posts instead of text-based blog posts.

There are many more fun blogging jargon examples but hopefully you can guess what they mean and avoid getting blogstipation or becoming a blogaholic.

Although they’re both perfectly normal and almost certain to happen at some point in your blogging career.

So don’t get bamboozled by all the blogging jargon – just keep blogging – or blawging if you’re a laywer.

What did I miss? Suggest some blogging jargon in the comments below and I’ll add them here.

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