Blogging Tips A-Z: I for Inspiration

Looking for inspiration on what to blog about?

Ideas are everywhere but the best starting point for blogging ideas are your blog readers.

New bloggers and business bloggers often start with the back story when they write their first blog posts. It’s good to sum up the who, why and what of your blog but even better to jump straight in and give readers the information they need most of all.

Here’s an example from a recent blog consultation. My client has a water filtration business and sells water filtration products such asĀ  filters you can buy for your home to get clean, chemical free water.

It’s a great business and a topic that’s trending as more people get water filters installed or try to ensure they have clean water in their house by buying drinking bottled water.

The business owner had some ideas for topics around the problems with water, why water is contaminated and what the effects of drinking unsafe water can be.

These are all great topic for her blog but I recommended she focus immediately on the problems or questions people who were actually searching for information about water filters and thinking of buying one might have.

While she could write about city water problems and rain water or sewage contamination in rural areas in the future it’s better to focus on the immediate problems of people who want to buy a filter right now. For example, what to look for in a water filter system, how to choose one and how to get it installed.

9 Ways to Get Blogging Inspiration

1. Think about your readers. Consider their most urgent problems and address those first.

2. Choose a main topic for your blog and between three and eight sub-topics.

3. Look at which of your blog post topics can be divided up into an on-going series.

4. Use blog popular blog headlines or headline formulas like How to, Why or list posts to come up with ideas within each of your sub-topics.

5. Read widely both on and offline, not necessarily about your niche. Inspiration often comes when you least expect it or stop forcingĀ  it.

6. Use the Google Adwords keywords tool to find out which words and phrases connected to your niche people are actually searching for.

7. Spend ten minutes brainstorming for ideas. Find a quiet place free from all distractions and write down all your ideas. Don’t censor yourself. Just challenge yourself to write down as many ideas as possible. You can select the best ones later.

8. Keep a note of all your blog post ideas either on paper, on email such a Gmail where you can easily find them or in Evernote.

9. Read your blog comments to find out more about your readers and see what makes them tick.

Get more details on some of these ideas as well as find more blogging inspiration tips in 11 Easy Ways to Get Hundreds of Great Blog Post Ideas.

You might run out of time when it comes to actually writing about all those great ideas but you’ll never run out of blogging inspiration again.

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