Blogging can be a lonely and frustrating business. That’s probably why most bloggers give up after a few months of blogging.

It’s sad and true but don’t let that happen to you because blogging is a long-term plan. You probably won’t see any benefits from blogging for six to twelve months so it’s important you stick with it and stay motivated.

The first key to blogging motivation is to develop strong relationships with other bloggers and take that to the next level by making them your blogging buddy.

Tips on How Your Blogging Friends Can Help You

Once you’ve found them your blogging friends or buddies can help you by:

  1. leaving comments on your blog posts – this will provide social proof and make your blog look well-loved from the very beginning;
  2. encouraging other people to leave comments – because sometimes no one wants to be the first to comment but your blogging buddy has already started the comments;
  3. growing your blog – if they share your blog on their blog roll or Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook pages that will help you find new readers;
  4. giving you feedback on your blog design and writing – hopefully they will provide positive feedback as well as suggesting ways you can improve your blog.
  5. encouraging and motivating you – because you are answerable to someone and at least one person is looking forward to reading your next post.

Of course you’ll do the same for them. You need to make sure that this is a mutually beneficial relationship or it will gradually fizzle out.

Tips on Finding a Blogging Buddy

Find an interesting blog that you think is similar in age, style, topic or popularity to yours and leave a comment for the blogger.

If they start commenting on your blog, keep reciprocating and see where it leads. It could be the start of a beautiful blogging buddy relationship.

You can look for other bloggers in the comments of blogs you love. Successful Blogging readers tend to have interesting, growing blogs so you could start right here.

It doesn’t matter if you write about the same topic or not, as long as you’re both motivated and have something in common that makes you click.

Once you’ve got the relationship started you could take it to the next level by email or over a Skype call and let it grow naturally from there.

Good blogging friends will motivate you to stick with blogging and keep improving your blog. It’s a win win situation because you’ll do the same for them and can grow your blogs together.

Sure, you might still feel lonely and frustrated at times, but when you do you’ll have a blogging friend or two to call on so that you can get over it and keep on blogging.

Have you got a blogging buddy or would you like one? If you’ve already got a blogging friend who supports you is it a formal agreement or did the relationship evolve naturally?