Consistency is the key to strong branding online. Professional designers create a branded identity for businesses with precise guidelines on fonts, colors and logo use.

If you don’t have a graphic, web designer or blog designer to work with then keep your branding simple, but be aware that the colors and design you choose will have an effect on your readers, either positive or negative.

You have five seconds online to convince new blog readers that you are trustworthy, interesting and professional.

Keep your branding simple and clean. The first thing you should invest in when you start a new business is a professional logo which clearly tells people that you are a reputable business that’s going to stick around.

You don’t know where your blog readers will first come into contact with you. It could be on your blog’s home page or on a specific blog post but it’s just as likely they’ll first find you on Twitter, Facebook or even by email, either after you email them or if one of your email subscriber forwards your email to them.

5 Blog Branding Success Tips

  1. Make sure your brand, tagline and blog name are clear and can’t be misinterpreted. For example, I know a blogger whose logo is a cow. As part of his brand he wears cow horns in his photo but he gets a lot of angry mail from people who think he’s wearing devil horns. That’s a small example of what can happen when you get your branding wrong.
  2. Think about what kind of logo and branded colours will best reinforce your message and most appeal to your target audience.
  3. Be wary of cheap clip art that could make your services or your products look cheap.
  4. If you want to get a head start with the search engines you may want to consider using key search words of phrases in your domain name like “real estate”, “writing tips” or “business marketing tools”.
  5. Come up with a great idea and brand to showcase your skills and knowledge then work out your unique selling point, even if you’re not actually selling anything.

But the only two words you really need to know about blog branding are consistent and professional and yes, good branding is possible, even on a small budget.

Have you seen any good or bad examples of online branding recently?

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