Blogging Tips A to Z: A is for Analytics

Blogging Tips A-Z is a quick start guide for new bloggers and a refresher course for bloggers who want to stay motivated and inspired.

When you start blogging the statistics or analytics aren’t so important. You don’t want to become fixated on checking your blog ranking, Alexa ranking or statistics because it will probably be depressing. The analytics on your blog won’t tell you much anyway, especially in the early days, when you’ve only got a few readers.

However in the long-term blogging analytics are important and can be used to help you refine and improve your blog.

Make sure you install Google Analytics on your blog. It’s a free blogging tool which will allow you see where your readers live, how they find your blog and what content interests them most and least.

7 Blog Analytics to Track

These are analytic and statistics you may like to track monthly using Google Analytics to show you that your blog is growing and your work is paying off:

  1. The number of unique visitors to your blog.
  2. The average time spent on your site.
  3. Who your top referrers are. These are the sites that send traffic to your blog such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and other websites or blogs if you’ve been doing some guest blogging or people are linking to your posts.
  4. The number of subscribers by email and RSS. Note that your subscribers may not visit your blog, they may just read it by email or in their RSS reader.
  5. The percentage of your emails that get opened. A good email management system like Aweber or MailChimp will tell you this.
  6. How many comments you get.
  7. The number of followers on your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Blog Analytics and Blogging Goals Tip

Aim for slow growth and bear in mind that your blog will grow in fits and starts.

Remember that the number of visitors and all those analytics are less important than the progress you’re making towards achieving your personal and business blogging goals. That’s what is really important and is the best indication that your blogging is paying off.