Blogging Tips A-Z: X, Y and Z for X-Factor, You and Zestful

This is the final instalment in our Blogging Tips A-Z series. I’m hoping to collate all the posts into an ebook for you but first it’s time to wrap the series up.

I originally scheduled these tips as three separate posts but looking at the topics for the final three posts – X for X-Factor, Y for You and Z for Zestful they’re all part of the same thing with Y for You being the thread that hangs then all together.

Don’t think of X-Factor, You and Zestful as after thoughts either, think of them as the glue that holds your blog together and makes it interesting.

No matter what you blog about and no matter why you blog You are the key element that will make people want to read more.

There are thousands of travel bloggers, millions of freelance writers and (maybe!) zillions of photographers, accountants and other small business owners marketing their service through blogging.

Only YOU, your unique personality, the special x-factor that makes you different from everyone else will make you stand out from the crowd.

There are other ways to differentiate yourself, like creating a unique logo and brand, but the best way to stand out is to get personal and be personable.

Don’t be stiff and formal when you blog. Even if you have a traditionally staid topic like law or building codes there is still room for you to add your personal touch and be zestful.

Your writing needs to show your enthusiasm and love of your topic, it needs to invigorate your reader and add interest to your blogging topic in a way only you can do.

Has your blog got the X-factor? Are You the secret sauce that makes it lovable? Is it Zestful and full of life?

Here are a few blogging tips to make sure you’ve got X, Y and Z covered.

1. Choose universal writing themes

Universal themes have global appeal because they break down borders and cultural barriers. For example, we were all children once so blog posts about childhood, school, learning to ride a bike, your first kiss or your first pet will have wide appeal because nearly everyone can relate to them.

Other universal themes include: family, food, emotional times such as happy, sad or embarrassing moments, life challenges, fears and dreams for the future.

You can slip in stories like these no matter what your blogging niche is and you should.

2. Use humour

Everyone likes to have a laugh but if even if you only raise a smile readers all over the world will enjoy that.

3. Be personal

Sharing personal writing will differentiate you from boring sites in your niche. For example, some travel blogs just duplicate press releases or share similar tips on what to do and where to go that quickly dates.

Sharing personal stories will build trust because it humanizes you so you’re no longer the brand (eg. Hostel Bookers) but a real and interesting person – Cheryl from London (who happens to run Hostel Bookers.) Download my free ebooklet for more personal writing tips.

4. Use social proof

Having blog post comments, testimonials and media mentions on your blog shows everyone at a glance, even non-native language speakers, that you have wide appeal. Having no comments on your blog tells people no one reads your blog so make sure every post has at least one comment.

5. Smile

All over the world a smiling face tells people you are friendly and looking forward to getting to know them. So choose a smiley photo for your blog and gravatar.

6. Be truthful and human

The Dalai Lama has massive global appeal because he is honest, humble and human. Be truthful with your readers, show respect for them by joining their conversations both on and off your blog and, when you do make a mistake own up to it.

After all, just like your readers, you’re only human so they will be able to relate to that.

With X, Y and Z in place your blog writing will be more fun for you and for your readers. No one wants dull, safe writing with no spark. We want to enjoy your special x-factor, get to know you and get pumped up by your zestful energy.

No one else can do that. Only you. So go do it now.

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